Top 10 Gaur Gopal Das quotes which will motivate you to grow

In this post , you will get Top 10 Gaur Gopal Das quotes which will motivate you and help you to overcome your mental , personal, professional and spiritual problems and to grow in every aspect of life.

Gaur Gopal Das quotes

Gaur Gopal Das Prabhu is an Indian monk, motivational speaker ,and a lifestyle coach. He is a former electrical engineer. He worked at Hewlett Packard as an electrical engineer for a short period, before leaving the company to become a monk in 1996.

He currently lives in his ashram in downtown Mumbai. He is an active member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).Gaur Gopal Das quotes are the best quotes if you are dealing with any kind of negativity in your life.

Top 10 Gaur Gopal Das quotes :-

  • Being positive does not mean we neglect the negative. We must constructively deal with negative situations whilst simultaneously focusing on the positive. Whenever you feel low, always think : Is there anything positive about this situation I am in?” Gratitude is a state of mind that allows us to see the positive. It comes from realizing that there’s good in the world, that some of that good is with us and that those good effects are coming from an external reality. That state of knowledge imbibes us with positivity. Even in times of sorrow and difficulty, we can feel the inner strength when we are truly grateful for the support of caring family and friends.
  • If we don’t press pause , we’ll never know how many precious moments of our life we are missing.” We must learn how to press pause and appreciate the people whom we are grateful for. It is very insensitive to say that we are too busy to be thankful. Gratitude is just not an emotion , it is also a way of life which can be practiced and learnt. We must prioritize the time to say Thankyou.
  • Some things in our life are beyond our power and control. When we stuck in that situation , we start feeling overwhelmed as we try everything in our power to control it but that is completely useless.” Always think: Is the situation in my control? If no , that means you cannot do anything about it. If yes , you will anyway do something about it . Hence, in both the circumstances you should not worry.
  • We aren’t human beings with spiritual experiences, we’re spiritual beings with mortal happenings. We are not this body, we are actually spiritual beings.” We should understand the spiritual hierarchy. Therefore ,we should connect to something above all i.e God which will give us the power to spread joy and happiness in the world.
  • One’s general attitude or instinct doesn’t discriminate between people and things. Treating things harshly can affect our general attitude towards people and relationships in a negative way.” Therefore we must treat every object or thing with care and sensitivity, also we must be very sensitive with our actions and words while communicating with someone which will definitely strengthen our relationships.
  • “Seeing the best in people can be challenging at times , especially when we are in a constant proximity to them.” We can perceive people in the following ways:-
    • See only bad and magnify it.
    • See good and bad both and neglect the good to focus on bad
    • See good and bad and remain neutral to both
    • See good and bad ,go for the good and neglect the bad
    • See the good and magnify it. The ideal is the fourth one in which the relationship’s flourish however it will take consistent hard work and practice.
  • Saying things in anger damages our relationships. Therefore, we must always try to avoid doing that. If we want to give feedback to anybody, we must invest in doing tonnes of praises before doing so.“Corrective feedback is an art. It has four principles . Ask yourself:
    • Am I the correct person to give corrective feedback?
    • Do I have the correct motive to give corrective feedback?
    • Do I know the correct way to give corrective feedback?
    • Is it the correct time?
  • Forgiveness is often obscure and deep value to understand.” Always try to look beyond the situation. Separate the episode from the person. Always try to look for higher purpose . These are some ways which can help us to practice forgiveness. Practicing these ways will make it easy to forgive someone.
  • Our association is really powerful: it can either uplift us or bring us down.“Intimate dealings are built through the exchange of food, thoughts, things, values and belief systems. Our lifestyle is affected more by another individual’s value systems than their habits.
  • Healthy competition is about competing with ourselves rather than others to become a better version of ourselves.” There are two causes unhealthy competition, being envious of someone or uncontrolled ambition .We compete with people who have the same skills or outlook in life as us. When another person’s skills have no bearing on our life , we rarely feel threatened.

These are the top 10 Gaur Gopal Das quotes which are actually very helpful for those who are going through bad phase of life. Gaur Gopal Das is really a savior for those who feels helpless in their lives and want to come out from the negativity. He always talks about positive things and he wants us to do the same because when we focus on the positive things with a positive mind and intention , good things do happen to us .

Gaur Gopal Das prabhu is also a wonderful writer . He has written two books Life Amazing secrets and Energize your mind. Above Gaur Gopal Das quotes have been inspired from these books. The books are about discipline , ways to live life , forgiveness , work life balance and more. Both the books are bestseller on Amazon and Flipkart. He also runs a successful youtube channel and motivate the audience through his videos. He recently came on live TV through The Kapil Sharma Show along with Dr. Vivek Bindra and Khan Sir. If you like this post , You may like the following post as well:-

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