Why web series are not censored in India?

Have you ever wondered Why web series are not censored in India? Web series have become an integral part of our life as we enjoy the content at the comfort of our homes. We can enjoy the content wherever and whenever we want. As movies are getting less popular in India , Web series emerges to be a game changer as it provides quality content and at a very cheap price.

Today we can watch any web series we want using different OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar , Zee5, Sony Liv Etc. The thing which largely differentiate movies and web series is the question that Why web series are not censored in India while movies undergo strict censorship programs.

why web series are not censored

Why web series are not censored in India?

Web series are comparatively new to the entertainment market of India. Although It has garnered a variety of audience due to its comfort to watch and relatively lesser price but there are still a larger portion of audience that are not very familiar watching web series online.

Therefore, As these web series are comparatively a new and different way to consume and enjoy content in India, there are presently no laws or rules/regulations applicable to them and hence no censorship is applied to them and we can enjoy the content the way it is.

Pros and Cons of web series not being censored

  • Pros:
    • The censoring rule is being criticized in India because people believe it restricts the creativity and flexibility of Indian directors, who want to create unique content in the form of web series.
    • Director of many web series feels that censoring will distort the story’s uniqueness. They feels that it is the duty of the filmmakers to ensure that the information is accurate and that only the truth is depicted.
    • Also many think that government want to censor those things which they want to hide from general people and they believe it is their right.
  • Cons:-
    • One of the major cons is that the web series is very easily available to everybody due to their broad reach. When children see a web series that contains harsh language, violence, or sex, they are at a major disadvantage.
    • Some people are concerned about the growing impact of foreign culture that web series and movies promote; nevertheless, censorship will help to regulate this to some level.
    • People have made legal complaints in recent years over harsh material on digital platforms, calling for regulation of series and films distributed on the internet that have the potential to cause harm.

Who is responsible for Censorship in India?

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is governmental organization which is responsible for regulation in Indian filmmaking industry. It is popularly known as the Censor Board, the CBFC was set up under the Cinematograph Act of 1952. It is created to certify the movies, by means of the suitability of feature films , screening and rating, short films, trailers, documentaries for public viewing.


This fact cannot be denied that popular web series platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have a large audience and assist Indian filmmakers in showcasing their true talent. However, there are legit worries about the information that is not dignified or violent. As a result, self-censorship looks to be a best option. We must watch web series that are actually good and provides us a value rather than watching anything on the internet.

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